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Mini Golf Courses

MGC Developers Mini Golf Courses

MGC Developers, LLC has been building miniature golf courses since 1989.

Today’s miniature golf courses are much more interesting, challenging, and high tech than those of yesteryear.

Exploding volcanoes, thundering waterfalls, rockwork, and colorful streams have replaced the windmill and lion’s mouth designs. (See photo Gallery...)

A miniature golf course planned, designed, & constructed by MGC Developers

At MGC, we take pride in customizing each design to create a challenging and fun course while maintaining a natural setting. We work closely with our clients to incorporate beautiful landscaping, elevation changes, fun-to-play holes, and eye catching water features.

Mini golf courses are built with features such as volcanos, waterfalls, and more.

Standard MGC Miniature Golf Course Construction includes:
• Custom design for 18 hole course
• Multi-level rockwork
• Waterfalls
• Colored streams and ponds
• Walkways
• Lighting
• Practice putting green
• High quality putting turf, and
• An experienced and professional crew

For added fun, feature a theme in your course. A theme can help draw attention to your course, enliven the playing experience, and promote repeat business. MGC has been an innovative leader in miniature golf course design. We have built courses with a variety of themes including nautical, jungle, mining, and a tropical island with erupting volcano as seen here in Orlando, Florida.

From foundation to fabrication, MGC will make sure that your Family Entertainment Center is up to par!

Miniature golf courses by MGC's contruction team can be designed using a theme such as this Tiki amusement center.


Are you interested in building a mini golf course either stand alone or as part of a family amusement center? Look at our miniature golf course photos to get an idea of what MGC can offer.

Go to our FAQ section to answer many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

We can also help you plan go kart tracks, driving ranges, batting cages, bumper boats, and full family amusement centers.

Contact us with any questions. We look forward to assisting you.

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