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Where You Race -- Not Ride!

Go-Kart Tracks are a profitable addition to any Family Entertainment Center. Today’s technologies have moved the go-kart track into the top spot at many facilities. With the increased interest in professional racing, go-kart tracks give everyone a chance to race like the pros! (See Photo Gallery...)

Speed and safety are the two most important factors when designing a go-kart track. MGC incorporates AutoCAD design into every track we build. Each track is designed for maximum efficiency to account for traffic flow, ease of refueling, and go-kart maintenance.

Go-Kart Tracks are built for safety and fun!

A Standard MGC Go-Kart Track Construction includes:

  • A 1,000 linear foot track
  • Safety rail system
  • Pit area
  • Covered shade structure
  • Lighting
  • And an experienced and professional crew

With speeds of up to 20 mph, a good rail system is vital to ensure the safety of the drivers as well as to avoid maintenance problems with the karts. As you can see, MGC uses old tires as part of its rail system. Research has shown that tires are the best available shock absorber and the most cost effective.

Tracks are lined with tires for safety.

It’s not about how fast you go - it’s about how fast you FEEL like your going. MGC will build your track with multiple levels, hills, banks, and tight turns to add to the thrill of go-kart racing.

Go-Kart tracks by MGC

Are you interested in building a Go-Kart Track, either stand alone or as part of a family amusement center?

Look at our Go-Kart Track photos to get an idea of what MGC can offer.

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We can also help you plan miniature golf courses, driving ranges, batting cages, bumper boats, and full family amusement centers.

Contact us with any questions. We look forward to assisting you.

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