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America’s National Pastime is as popular as ever. Batting cages are a proven attraction that draws customers of all ages. With over 60 million people playing baseball or softball at least once a year, batting cages are becoming a “must have” to any Family Entertainment Center.

Batting cages are for everyone

Batting cages come in various shapes and sizes. The most popular design is the radius-style, which allows each batter to have a 90-degree area to hit into. Cages can built be with as little as 4 stalls, or as many as 9. Most batting cages offer a combination of baseball and softball machines, attracting sluggers at all levels. (See photo Gallery...)

MGC is the leader in batting cage construction. We have been building batting cages since 1989, working closely with equipment manufacturers to adhere to all specifications.

Quality batting cage construction is important to profitability.

MGC Batting Cages include:
• Fencing
• Fence welding
• Concrete
• Excavation
• Electrical
• Carpentry
• The finest materials available, and
• An experienced and professional crew

With new technologies, supplies, and automatic feeding systems, the cost to operate batting cages is relatively low. The opportunity for higher profits has sparked more operators to enter the market. The number of operators has increased from under 200 in 1980 to over 1,200 nationwide.

Let MGC build your batting cages and you’ll be in full swing in no time!

Batting cage developers can provide some great equipment recommendations.

Are you interested in building a batting cage either stand alone or as part of a family amusement center? Look at our batting cage photos to get an idea of what MGC can offer.

Go to our FAQ section to answer many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

We can also help you plan go kart tracks, driving ranges, mini golf courses, bumper boats, and full family amusement centers.

Contact us with any questions. We look forward to assisting you.

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