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Automated Batting Cages, Inc. ( offers a variety of equipment and supplies to complete your batting cages.

American RangeAmerican Range is a leading supplier of golf driving range equipment, range accessories, and spare parts for driving range equipment, golf course accessories.

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Batting cages attract "kids" of
all ages and can be used year round.
Batting Cages are a great attraction
for children, teens, and adults. MGC Developers can design and build
one for your family entertainment center.
MGC Developers has professional
and experienced crews to make sure your batting cage has the correct
pitch and layout for those aspiring batters.
A Batting Cage can be a stand-alone
unit or can be incorporated into a family entertainment center.
A Batting Center in Cleveland,
A batting machine in Manchester,
With MGC Developers, your batting
center can pitch with a big league image.